A Local Man flying a drone spots a strange ‘Ovoid’ object’ on film. Holsworthy, Devon 22nd May 2021

A Local Man flying a drone spots a strange ‘Ovoid’ object’ on film. Holsworthy, Devon 22nd May 2021

I was contacted on 27th May 2021 by a gentleman who is a member and fellow investigator here at BBR Investigations. He wanted me to look at some footage he has that shows a strange anomaly taken quite recently in the South West of England. The footage was taken by a friend of his and he gave us permission to share the video footage with you all.

Is it a hobby drone or an unknown object we just can not identify. I realise many people now own drones, they have become very popular. Many film makers, hobbiests and You-tubers use them. They have a high level of technology these days and can tag your GPS location. You often see them now above our towns, cities and countryside. You can however hear them, and they are very easy to spot with the naked eye. If you are flying a drone you would certainly be aware of any other ‘craft’ in the vicinity and would keep a keen eye out for them.

The gentleman who took the footage was filming his own drone when he captured the strange globe shaped object. His drone is the dark object on the grass. He did not see it at the time, but spotted it much later on when viewing his footage.

The video was taken close to Holsworthy in Devon on 22nd May at 6pm. The object appears to shift in the footage to the upper right hand corner in the split seconds when it is observed. It seems unlikely to be from exposure darkening from the camera itself, but the sun was in the direction of the moving shape, so we have to take that into consideration.

I can not say for certain what we are seeing. The camera movement is very fast and we catch a very quick view of what appears to be an oval object in the top right hand corner of the screen. Under differing light spectrum’s the object seems to be emitting light or it is surrounded by lights in someway. Sadly this doesn’t help with our conundrum as many drones also have lights attached.

Were you in Holsworthy, Devon around the 22nd May 2021? Did you spot any strange objects in the sky? I wonder if anyone else managed to capture this on their phone, camera or CCTV.

If you would like to take a look at the video or do an analysis please contact me via debbiehatswell@gmail.com



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