A Public Statement By Deborah Lilith Hatswell 8th April 2024 – Cease and Desist

A Public Statement By Deborah Lilith Hatswell 8th April 2024 – Cease and Desist

As many of my followers will know, I have had lots of trolls and haters over the years who like to affect my Business and Livelihood Re: BBR Investigations. For this reason I keep detailed records, recordings and videos. I also have the applicable apps that keep me safe online. My default setting is to ignore and carry on.

As the channel involved has me banned so they can continue their spiteful attacks I am left with no recourse other than to share this publicly via my Youtube channel and My public Facebook page.

This will be “My Last and Final Statement” regarding this matter now or in the future and please feel free to scroll by but after one online stalker who is still persistent made myself and my family homeless in an act of hate crime I do have the contact details of the police officer that dealt with that case. I also keep a separate phone handy to hand to the police for their data dump.

One channel has taken it upon themselves to threaten to attack me and my husband, spoken about my female parts and used the name Pikey & Gyppo as often as he could in public live streams. This happened because one person who was not me or connected to me or my organisation made a disparaging False Newspaper article about him which did not show or reveal his Youtube channel, face, real name or any of his correct details. He feels aggrieved by this and he is under the impression he can do these acts without any consequences due to this being a crime against him. In fact the opposite is true. What harm has this done to him when he is shielded behind an online persona?

Due to his naming myself, showing my images, naming my company and sharing screen shot images of myself posed with AI in awful disgusting ways, he has committed a hate crime. Which he quickly deletes as he is under the false impression this is not illegal. Under British law this is a criminal offence with punishment ranging between 6 months to 5 yrs. In special circumstances where previous similar crimes have been committed by the same individual this can increase by 5 years.

Myself and several other content makers from the UK have had our real faces, Youtube channels and real names displayed publicly in many of his digital creations. As those Shorts, Live Streams, Videos and Community posts heald over 50 threats of violence, comments about female anatomy, threats to come to my home, or get others to do the same, disparaging names, attacks on character, ethnic background and all manner of vile rancid spite against myself mainly but others here in the UK I had no recourse other than to contact the British Police and Youtube themselves as thankfully they now have a chat option. I was advised by both parties to keep a detailed log of events, any recordings or audio made by him. Youtube has the ability to go back through his deleted content as it is stored for situations like this which they consider the most extreme of community breaches.

Today I sat down with the authorities here in Lancashire with my producer, legal team and the Police and included in that meeting was a call with a sergeant from Lincolnshire police. They have all the details they need and I will not be commenting on this matter again.

I can only apologise for any upset this has caused you. I did my best to shield my family and listeners but the attacks have been unrelenting.

Deborah Hatswell



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