Albert Rosales – Humanoid Encounters

Albert Rosales – Humanoid Encounters

Born in Cuba where I experienced several strange events, some UFO related. Migrated to Spain in 1966 lived there for a year and then Migrated to the U.S. in 1967.

Joined the US Navy in 1976 after traveling to Europe. There I began collecting reports on UFOs/etc. In 1980 I went to work for my father until he became ill and passed away. Joined the Miami Dade Police Department as a 911 dispatcher in 1984, worked there for 35 years. Heard it all there, including UFO and humanoid reports!

In the early 90’s I began to concentrate in summarizing only humanoid/entity encounters of all kinds. To date (2022) I have summarized and collected over 24,000 reports. My database is updated and corrected daily.

I have written 16 books on Chronologies of Entity and humanoid encounters and one book about UFOs and humanoids over Florida. These can be obtained both softcover and Kindle version in Amazon. I started publishing the books around 2015 and currently working on my last volume 2016 through 2021.

Albert S Rosales


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