An Elderly Man Sees A Dogman At His Window. The Three Counties Werewolf 7/9/2023

An Elderly Man Sees A Dogman At His Window. The Three Counties Werewolf 7/9/2023

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The experience I am sharing with you today is one of the hardest cases I have ever dealt with. Not hard as in physical work or long hours but emotionally.This gentleman who is a lovely soul saw a Dog-like creature watching him through his front room window in the middle of the night. It looked shocked to see him and it rapped on the window with something between a hand and a paw. Its eyes fixed on Freds and held his gaze. Fred described the creature in great detail and was very clear on what he saw.

Later in the interview with Fred he explains what it looked like in detail and he also tells Steve some very interesting things that have happened in his village from many decades ago. It was said that there is a secret tunnel used by silent nuns that were never seen and who only moved in the dark who would bury their babies in the ground and also the story of a young girl tried as a witch. He shares a very poignant moment when he was a very small boy during the heaving bombings in London.

If you are interested in visiting the areas where terrifying things in the sky have been seen or you want to walk where Dogmen and other Cryptid Creatures have walked contact me either by DM or As a working investigator I have access to thousands of personal not yet public information that can give you a head start and shorten your search.

I have mapped and collected reports on all manner of strange and unexplained events for over 40yrs. If you want to see where some of the most unexplained experiences have happened I can get you to that very spot. Whether you are an investigator or just keen to know more. With over 4000 cases and a huge data bank of evidence, BBR Inv can get you to your nightmare destination.


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