Are British Bigfoot & Dogman Reports On the Increase?

Are British Bigfoot & Dogman Reports On the Increase?

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If the last few years have taught me anything I should never be surprised by a new report coming in. Although current face to face UK Wildman reports are very rare this year has started off with a rash of new sighting reports. During the Summer months we have had a steady supply of Large Cat reports which have been witnessed by many Dog Walkers, there were a couple of strange Shuck or Dogman like accounts, Animal Mutilations, UFO reports and all manner of Red and Yellow eyed Creatures. Normally as Winter comes in the reports die off. I think the weather has something to do with this, but thats only a guess on my part. I have noticed a pattern over the decades that shows a fall of reports from Mid Winter to Late Spring.

Last year there was a change to this pattern, the Bigfoot reports doubled from the previous years as did all the other reports of Werewolf like Creatures. This years has switched again.

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