British Bigfoot – Cryptid/UFO/Paranormal cases in UK prisons

British Bigfoot – Cryptid/UFO/Paranormal cases in UK prisons

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Over the last few weeks we have looked at Cryptid, UFO & Paranormal cases that take place on land owned by the M.O.D or by the Government here in the UK. Tonight I would like to look at the reports that happen on prison grounds. I think when you hear them all you will realise just how many people have made reports of their experiences at her majesty’s pleasure.

You will hear the personal stories from the witnesses themselves. Some of them saw UFOs or Lights above a prison. Some saw creatures too horrible to really describe. One man saw a creature that he described as half bat, half man. Another saw a wild creature pull a bird from a tree and eat it. Not so strange you might think, but this creature was upright on two legs and covered in hair. And we will hear accounts of the paranormal and supernatural that I am sure you will enjoy.

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