It was Jet Black and looked like a Giant Standing Wolf, The Llangollen Dogman

It was Jet Black and looked like a Giant Standing Wolf, The Llangollen Dogman

A few days after clearing the space for the polytunnel we had a bonfire to get rid of all the brash. It was damp so the fire made a lot of smoke until it eventually got going and burnt itself down, it was getting dark and I needed to put the tea on so I left my partner to keep an eye on the fire and off I went, a good twenty minutes later he came running into the house saying ‘something’ was sliding down the bank towards him but he couldn’t see a thing, he could hear it and could tell it was getting nearer and nearer and he was really genuinely scared as he couldn’t see anything.

Not long after this I was walking my dog in the late afternoon at beginning of October this year (2019) I had decided to go down to the river which has a small wooden bridge across it on an ancient pathway near a very old church not far from our cottage. I got to where there is a big oak tree on the bank that looks down into a ravine which the river flows through and where the bridge is, that trail then leads off onto another pathway which takes you to an old farm. As I looked down towards the bridge I could see something ‘big and black’ coming down that path running towards the bridge from the direction of the old farm.

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