‘IT’ Was Outside the Window Watching Me. Bigfoot and Dogmen Reports

‘IT’ Was Outside the Window Watching Me. Bigfoot and Dogmen Reports

Sometimes you dont even have to leave the house to see a cryptid or a paranormal creature, some unfortunate people or fortunate depending on your viewpoint, see them outside the window or on their land at home. Time and time again I hear from people who have heard breathing up close to the window, bangs on the walls or roof which made them look outside to be confronted by an incredible sight. Footsteps on the Garden gravel or shadowy figures in the treeline, faces peeking around trees or even worse, pressed up to the window pane.The world is full of events like this and I would like to share with you some personal encounters experienced by people the world over.

Many of these people, in fact! all of them have very normal, middle of the road lives. They are not in the heights of the Himalayas or out trekking for four days into the wilderness. They are at home, or on their own land when they find they are in the presence of an extraordinary being of one kind or another. What would you do if you got up to get a drink or snack, and realised you are being watched through the window by a thickly muscled creature? What if you heard a bang, and went outside expecting to see nothing more than an unlocked shed door or bin lid to be the source of the noises, when you see something akin to your worse nightmare, watching you from behind a tree? After all there is only a very thing pane of glass between them being out there or inside.

You might want to draw the curtains before I continue.

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