Kell Ridley – Paranormal Faceplant

Kell Ridley – Paranormal Faceplant

My name is Kell Ridley, and my journey with the paranormal started at a young age, I had an operation when I was 6 years old, I flat linedduring the operation. When I was resuscitated I started seeing and sensing thing that others could not.
I saw my first apparition at the age of 9. I’ve seen a few since then too. I was obsessed with the paranormal and joined my first team in 2012. Iv’e always been a history nerd, so combined my two passions when I joined the Ghost Investigate team in 2018 and that continued.

The teams i’ve been involved with are:…..
*A.S.A.P Investigation
*Ghost Investigate

Now I run my own team called Geordie Supernatural Research. Although i’m very camera shy I do podcasts for an american network called Paralanx. I started a new show in January 2023 called Paranormal Vs with new American host, Michael Kopf.

I’ll be heading to America in 2023 to investigate stateside with the amazing paranormal community over there.


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