Nicole Chivattoni – Full Moon Paranormal

Nicole Chivattoni – Full Moon Paranormal

Nicole Chivattoni is a paranormal investigator with Full Moon Paranormal.

Founded in 2021, the team combines historical research and scientific data collection, as well as the talents of their psychic team members to try and get a complete picture of the activity going on at a location. They have a passion for historic preservation and regularly
raise funds for local historic places.
They are also big believers in the concept of Paraunity and feel that all groups should work together and learn from one another.

Nicole has had an interest in the paranormal since she was a child and has been studying it for a long as she can remember, reading every book she could get her hands on. During investigations, she prefers to focus on phenomena you can document and measure. She specializes in research and finding the history of locations.

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