World Wide Cryptid Creature Sightings. UK, USA, CANADA – Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Bipedal Creature

World Wide Cryptid Creature Sightings. UK, USA, CANADA – Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Bipedal Creature

UK – I was driving home going along the Owthorpe Road, travelling back from a Christmas party and I was heading towards the A46. I was approaching one of the corners, the one just before the Eton Park nursing home, when the headlights of my car highlighted ‘something’ Im struggling to explain stood in a layby. ‘It’ was just standing there and ‘It’ was about 6 foot tall and ‘It’ was covered in reddy brownish hair all over its body. My whole family saw ‘It’ as they were with me in the car at the time. ‘It’ had dark eyes and a human face.

USA – What was this? ‘It’ had shaggy hair, all brown as I recollect, long over his face. The face seemed like a man’s face what I could make out of it with hair or whiskers, shorter hair on the body. It had hair on the legs but had caked mud from the knees down like ‘It’ had been wading through the swamp or something.

I remember ‘It’ being quite tall, ‘It’ was huge in the chest area and as we passed this thing, ‘It’ screamed and yelled like ‘It’ was in pain or maybe terror? A strange noise I’ve never heard before. My wife and I looked at one another and the boys screamed in fear and dove under the tarp. I remember thinking the rest of the drive home ‘what was that thing?’ We didn’t talk about it anymore that night, if we did I don’t remember what was said.
During milking the next day the boys did ask what that was we saw on the road last night, but I had no answer for them and the subject was dropped.

CANADA – I first thought ‘It’ was a bear as they can get up on two legs sometime. He was completely covered with hair except his butt. It had no hair and it looked like a monkey’s butt. His palms had no hair also. It was about eight thirty in the evening. I was rushing as I was late for a dinner party. The day was overcast and dark. The sasquatch was illuminated in my headlights. The area is pine fir mix interior sage brush and there is a river close by. The terrain is steep in spots.

The witness though the Creature was 6 to 7 feet tall. ‘Its’ entire body was covered in black hair that was about 2 to 3 inches in length, except for the palms of ‘Its’ hands and ‘Its’ buttock area. ‘It’ walked away from the road but quickly turned to look at him as he drove by. ‘Its’ steps were fluid and graceful with ‘Its’ arms swinging wide. ‘It’s’ face was flat with no visible snout.

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