Yeti Kidnaps Man and Keeps Him In a Cave for Weeks.

Yeti Kidnaps Man and Keeps Him In a Cave for Weeks.

Now on Twitter – Daily Sighting Reports, articles, videos and podcasts on your fav subjects. Bigfoot/Dogman/UFO/Supernatural/Unexplained. #BBR Please help and support BBR- Many people think I only take and collect accounts from the UK and Europe and that is where most of my attention has been concentrated over the last decade, but in reality I have been collecting World Wide Accounts for a very long time now hoping one day somebody may want to chat with me about them. I feel very lucky to have met and interviewed witnesses from all across the Globe.  Today I was contacted by a gentleman named Reddy who is in touch with a gentleman in Nepal whose Grandfather was kidnapped by a Yeti when he was a young man out working one day.  REDDY went on to explain “I am in acquaintances with a man who is originally from Nepal and his name is Bou and he told me about his Grandfather and an experience he had many years ago when he was a younger Man and he was taken away by a Yeti.  The Grandfather was out in the terraced land working on a rice paddy field in Nepal. It was a very quiet work day, nothing unusual happened until suddenly there was a loud noise from the Woods which encircled the fields, the Grandfather turned to where he thought the noise was coming from and as he did the Forest opened up in front of him, then to his complete shock a ‘Giant Hairy Beast’ came running towards him from the trees and ‘It’ grabbed him as if he was as light as a child. The ‘creature’ ran off from the area and took Bou’s Grandfather with him and stopped at the entrance to a cave.

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