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Submitting Content

Submitting content to Combobox TV can either be done by us directly or you can become an uploader. Please read below for more details. Content that is approved and submitted to us and is placed in the on demand section of our site where it is possible for you to earn commission based on subscriptions and a certain amount of content views.


Submition Disclaimer

Disclaimer... Combobox Tv is a video sharing platform with both free to view and on demand content.

We randomly select some of your content/videos to be placed in our free to view section.  If you are submitting exclusive content that you do not wish to be placed in our free section or you find your content video is in the free section and wish it to be removed please contact us.

We submit a majority of videos ourselves on behalf of the content providers mainly music which is under our record label Surgery Records, but you can if approved become an uploader. All content submitted is held in a moderation que and can take upto a week to process depending on demoand.

All content provided is the responsibility of the owner we are not liable for any losses due to server crashes etc, so always make sure you have your own backups allways submit a copy of your original content.

For full terms and conditions Click Here...


Becoming An Uploader
To become an uploader of Combobox TV you must be a registered member and first be approved, once you have been approved and you login you will see a new account tab in the top menu. In this tab you will see a submit video link, click this then follow the instructions. Once your video is uploaded it will be placed in a que for moderation and if approved it will be submited to the various sections on our site.
      To become an uploader please fill out the form below and give as musch details as possible
      E.G. Who you are, What your content is and contact info.
      If approved we will contact you or you will see a new link in your account menu.

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    Submitting Videos

    Submitting videos.

    All videos submited to us must be in the correct format. mp4, webm, ogv, m4v, mov.

    Videos once submitted are held in a que for moderation before being approved.

    Note... There are two main categories on our site. Free To View and On Demand. We randomlly select your submited videos to use in our free to view category which in turn encourages viewers to view and purchase your on demand videos. If you are submitting a video which is new and exclusive to us and you do not wish it to be put in the free to view category then contact us first before we publicsh it.

    Video titles...  Titles must include name first (E.G. Bill Smith Band - This Is My Way)

    Uploading videos...  Supported file formats: mp4, webm, ogv, m4v, mov.  Max upload size is 800.00 MB. uploads will fail if they are to large or wrong format.

    Videos thumbnails... You can add your own video thumbnail image or use the capture image button on our submit form. If uploading an image use the following supported file formats: jpeg, jpg, png. Do not post missleading or advertisments in thumbnails.

    Video discriptions... Add a good discription about your video, this should be what the song is about and what the video represents.

    Earning Commission

    At Combox TV you maybe payed commision based on a percentage of video views. This commision comes from our members who have subscribed to one of our on demand subscriptions. Commision rates for uploaded content in our on demand sections varies. Videos placed in our free to view section do not get payed commision.