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At Combobox Tv we want our members and our future members to have a full clear understanding of all our terms and conditions, site rules and more. To view in more detail please choose from one of the options below.


Disclaimer... Combobox Tv is a video sharing platform with both free to view and on demand content.

The name of our site is Combobox Tv, Members can freely post likes and comment on the content this site provides, having said that we will not tolerate abusive behaviour or hate of any kind. Any members who break these rules will be banned and content removed.



Introduction.... Buy reading our terms and conditions you are here by agreeing to and aknowledging that you have read and understood our terms.

Combobox TV is a video content site and offers a way for content creators to share and communicte with other members.

we do not share or sell personal data collected to any other parties. The only items for sale on Combobox TV is the content in our on demand section. This is sold via a subscription service.

buy using our site you agree that Combobox TV is not liable for any data/images/videos or other content you may share on our site.

Combobox TV is also not liable for any outages or loss of content due to networking issues or server crashes.

Using any of our online services is also at your own risk.

Third party links etc. We may offer links to third party items such as adds or info sites, we take no responsability for you using these services and any outside links from our site will have thier own set or terms.

Videos & Content

Content... Uploading Content/videos is a great way to share with the world your creations but we highly recomend you do not post anything to personal as after all this is the internet and even though our servers are secure things do go wrong so play it safe as we will not be held liable for data losses or breaches of security due to users not heading our security advise.

When you upload videos/content to the Combobox TV, do not upload content with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included or videos containing adds or spam.

Hatred and abuse videos or content will not be tolorated and if we find you posting this kind of material you will be banned and content removed.

Submitting Videos

Submitting videos.

All videos submited to us must be in the correct format. mp4, webm, ogv, m4v, mov.

Videos once submitted are held in a que for moderation before being approved.

Note... There are two main categories on our site. Free To View and On Demand. We randomlly select your submited videos to use in our free to view category which in turn encourages viewers to view and purchase your on demand videos. If you are submitting a video which is new and exclusive to us and you do not wish it to be put in the free to view category then contact us first before we publicsh it.

Video titles...  Titles must include name first (E.G. Bill Smith Band - This Is My Way)

Uploading videos...  Supported file formats: mp4, webm, ogv, m4v, mov.  Max upload size is 800.00 MB. uploads will fail if they are to large or wrong format.

Videos thumbnails... You can add your own video thumbnail image or use the capture image button on our submit form. If uploading an image use the following supported file formats: jpeg, jpg, png. Do not post missleading or advertisments in thumbnails.

Video discriptions... Add a good discription about your video, this should be what the song is about and what the video represents.

Account Terminations

Termination Of Accounts... We have the right to terminate/delete any account which violates our terms or rules and if we find abusive, hatred, child pronography, explotation or bullinig you will be reported to the appropriate authorities.