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Honest Big Cat Sighting

Here’s a great honest account of a recent possible sighting in Hamstreet , it isn’t saying it was or wasn’t, I’m sure the same as many possible sightings , when your brain cannot process what you are actually seeing ! From Gary Linney The other day I took one of… Read More


British Bigfoot – Sightings Mapped

A twig cracks behind you as you walk your dog in the woods. You stop in your tracks, waiting to hear the familiar panting of your four-legged friend as he comes tearing past you, a trail of leaves flying behind him. But suddenly, the atmosphere around you changes. The trees… Read More


Tales Of Bigfoot The Hackney Marsh

UK Bigfoot Research Group THE HACKNEY HORROR Hackney Marsh encompasses over three hundred acres of protected common land. The River Lea, which flows through the Marsh, provides a significant green corridor to ameliorate the urban surround. In Winter of 1981 two skinned and decapitated bears were discovered floating in the… Read More


Tales Of Bigfoot In The UK – The Wicken Woods Cryptid

UK Bigfoot Research Group THE WICKEN WOODS CRYPTID Wicken Woods is a one of many constituent tracts of the huge Whittlewood Forest, an ancient medieval hunting ground on the Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire border. In November 2013, deer hunter Jarvis Cassell sighted a creature on the edge of Wicken Woods which has… Read More


Tales of Bigfoot In The UK -The Boars Hill Beast (Oxfordshire)

THE BOARS HILL BEAST (OXFORDSHIRE) In October 1991 the Oxford Star reported how local anglers Kevin Yates and Billy Ryman, had encountered a giant sloth-like creature swimming in a pool ‘between Sunningwell and Cumnor’. At the request of the anglers, the newspaper withheld the exact location of the sighting for… Read More


Tales Of Bigfoot In The UK- Smitham’s Hill Somerset

SMITHAM’S HILL – SOMERSET In the forests of Smitham’s Hill, near Bristol, there apparently lives at least one rogue ape man. Set within the Mendip Hills area of outstanding natural beauty, and just six miles from the iconic Cheddar Gorge and legendary Wookey Hole, this enchanted locale is riddled with… Read More


Tales Of Bigfoot In the UK-The Cannock Chase Bigfoot

UK Bigfoot Research Group THE CANNOCK CHASE BIGFOOT (STAFFORDSHIRE) Cannock Chase is a twenty six square mile area of outstanding natural beauty situated between Cannock and Stafford. The Chase comprises an eclectic mix of coniferous woodland, deciduous forest, thick plantation and wild heathland, as well as remnants of coal mines… Read More


Tales of Bigfoot in the UK-The Shug Monkey (Suffolk)

THE SHUG MONKEY (Suffolk) The ‘Shug Monkey’ is a curious hairy biped, often said to combine the characteristics of both a large shaggy dog and a huge monkey. Variations on the theme are common throughout the folklore of eastern England, with the Monkey Creatures frequently being confused with their altogether… Read More


Uk Bigfoot Research Group – The Hairy Pedestrian

THE HAIRY PEDESTRIAN (SUSSEX) In January 2014 a creature resembling a Woodwose or Bigfoot was apparently hit by a car in Sussex. A contact of mine put me in touch with Sergeant X of the Sussex Police Roads Policing Unit (anonymised for reasons of professional reputation). When I met with… Read More


The Grey Man Of Macadhui

SCOTLAND: THE GREY MAN OF MACADHUI Scotland is the least populated part of the Britain. It also has the largest and most remote tracts of wilderness, the highest mountains, the deepest lochs and some of the richest folklore and tradition. So it is, perhaps, inevitable, that Scotland can also lay… Read More


The Welsh Bigfoot

The Brenin Llwyd (Grey King) is Wales’ very own Woodwose. Said to inhabit the mountains of Snowdonia in the north of the principality, in particular Cader Idris, the ‘Celtic Bigfoot’ is reported to be gigantic, furry and of general human shape. Reports of the creature go back to at least… Read More