Lokko-Untill We Meet Again

Lokko-Untill We Meet Again


LOKKO are a British Heavy Rock/Horror collaboration. Compiling Ex-members of Electric Circus and Sykko Dollz. 

In need of a new challenge, Project Lokko was formed in late 2021.  After taking a forced hiatus due to the pandemic, January 2022, sees the bands vision being conjured to the physical plane, bringing new music and live theatrical shows. 

Cemented by chaos, aiming to push boundaries of the dark and unknown.  Standing in a windtunnel of emotion, moulding a gateway to a twisted new world whilst maintaining a good balance of catchy melodies. 

Welcome…to the world of Lokko…
Where we will take you on a journey to the dark side, with tales of evil depravity and unspeakable horror…don’t get to freaked out.


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