Michelle Freed

Michelle Freed

Michelle Freed is a graduate of the Alternative Practitioner Academy and received certification from the National Guild of Hypnotism. She completed the beginning, intermediate, and advanced training programs through the International School of Clairvoyance, where she learned to integrate her intuitive gifts with her hypnosis skills.

Michelle is a talented remote viewer and remote viewing instructor. Fully-certified in all forms of Controlled Remote Viewing, She completed the beginning through advanced training programs through Right Hemisphere, Intuitive Specialists, APP, and received additional training from Joe McMoneagle. She is a member of IRVA (International Remote Viewing Association) and along with her co-researcher received the Warcollier Prize in 2017. She has research related to Remote Viewing and Parapsychology Published with The Journal of Psychical Research, The Parapsychology Association, and Eight Martinis Magazine. Michelle works on special remote viewing projects with IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences). She is also teaching a 6 week Remote Viewing course, using her method of the Trans Dimensional Systems.

Michelle is in the Documentary Third Eye Spies and appears in an episode of Ancient Aliens.

Michelle is the former producer for Art Bell’s Show, and currently co-owner of the new Midnight.fm Network and producer for the Midnight Society Radio Show with Tim and she is also the owner of LITM Media Inc. where she helps authors with marketing and publicity and getting booked on popular radio/podcasts.

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