TIMES UP-After The Storm

TIMES UP-After The Storm


Times Up are a symphonic, progressive band from South Wales in the UK.

Times Up was formed in 2006 and the original line up was Andy Gibbon (Bass), Geoff Smith (Vocals), Mike Hagland (Lead Guitar) & Steve Leman (Drums/percussion).

After the release of the first album “Storm Coming In” the band did perform live for a while but later decided to become a studio band only and then went on to record the second album “Snow Queen”.

In 2011 the bands line up changed……..Linda Barnes (Vocals), Andy Gibbon (Bass), Mike Hagland (Lead Guitar), Steve Leman (Drums/percussion) and then Bob Teague (Keyboards) & Ric Lawton (Sax/Flute) joined the band.

The band then went on to record their 3rd & 4th albums “Sea of Schemes” and “ Black Wing & Prayer” with the new line up.

Just after “Black Wing & Prayer” was released the band sadly lost their drummer and promo man Steve Leman after a long illness. Linda Barnes the vocalist then took on the promo for the band.

Times Up then recorded a single “You Are The One”. This was a one off recording as the track was very short compared to the usual long tracks that the band are known for.

Times Up are now working on album number 5 “A Hollow Part of Whole” and have released the title track to the forthcoming album.

All the bands music is available to download on all the usual major sites and the albums “Sea of Schemes” & “Black Wing & Prayer” are available on CD. You can also check us out on our website www.timesupband.co.uk


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