British Bigfoot – Sightings Mapped

A twig cracks behind you as you walk your dog in the woods.

You stop in your tracks, waiting to hear the familiar panting of your four-legged friend as he comes tearing past you, a trail of leaves flying behind him.

But suddenly, the atmosphere around you changes. The trees are completely still, as if they’re holding their breath.

As shadows draw across the canopy of branches above, that’s when you realise you are, too.,

So where is that panting noise coming from? Who – or what – is snorting and growling? And making that rustling noise?

You slowly turn around, and see just feet away from you a huge ape-like creature. It stands up to full size and screams at you, baring its teeth, its eyes, seven feet high, glowing red in the fading afternoon sunlight.

It strides towards you, shaking its huge monkey head as it pummels the trees around it with its long, muscular arms.

‘Forget this’, you think, as you run as fast as you can, finding your cowering dog waiting for you by the car.

Abernethy Forest, Strathspey, Scotland

In 2012, a former primate keeper and his brother witnessed a 7ft tall ape-man, eating blackberries in Abernethy Forest.

He described the creature as looking like ‘an old bonobo chimp with a flat muzzle and an upright gorilla’s body’.

Colchester, Suffolk

In June 2012 a couple were walking along a quiet road in the early afternoon when they saw a big hairy man in the woods, which they described as being between 6.5f 7ft tall.

The being was covered in hair, through which strong musculature could be seen. It had longer hair on its head and upper body.

Tunbridge Wells Common, Kent

An 8ft tall bipedal ape-man, covered in hair with red demonic eyes is said to have been seen several times over the past 70 years on Tunbridge Wells Common, a 200-acre wooded site which sits in the centre of town.

The most recent sighting is believed to have taken place in October 2012, when a dog walker came face to face with the creature, which roared at him and made off into the woods.

Medway, Kent

On January 21, 2019, at 8.30 am, a woman was out in her horse paddock, when she became aware of somebody walking along the other side of the fence and bush line, roughly 150 yards away.

It struck her as odd as no one can get there easily there is a 30-foot drop to a freight rail line below.

As she turned to look at the figure, it ducked down behind a large bush. She realised that the figure was extremely large, as its head and shoulders towered above the bush which is over 6 feet tall.

What also struck her was that, although she only saw it take a few steps, the stride pattern was very wide.

The Day Bigfoot Stalked Workers In Cornwall

It was a copper-coloured creature, about 6ft 5in tall.

A scarred witness has told his account of the day he came face to face with Bigfoot in a forest in Cornwall

The existence of the large and hirsute humanoid, also known as Sasquatch, has often been dismissed, but years of sightings  from the South West to the Highlands suggest that Bigfoot, or wild men, could be roaming the British countryside.

The terrifying event took place about 20 years ago, in the St Mawgan area

A local man explained how he spotted Bigfoot in a woodland area after the creature had been watching him for hours.

The story was shared on British Bigfoot Research member Deborah Hatswell’s British Wildman Sightings map.

The spotter, who remained anonymous, wrote: “I realised I may have seen the creatures that you talk about years ago when I was working. I’m kinda’ in shock, to tell you the truth so I was unsure whether to get in touch or not.

“I used to live in Devon and Cornwall, little village called St Mawgan. I was unsure what to write as I wanted to say I’ve seen one of those creatures you see for sure and I think there was another one with it but I only clearly saw one.

“While I was out making cages in wood for my bosses’ pheasant hunt, just outside of St Mawgan, I used to hear wood knocks all the time down there and I wasn’t really sure what it was at first. My boss said when I asked him about the noises and the thing I saw and he said, ‘Oh yeah we call them woodwoses’.

“It was about 20 odd years ago that it happened. I was in my early 20s, maybe 22 or 23 years old I think.”

The young man was working in a field, outside of the village, when the incident happened.

“The only way I can describe it is that it was wooded all around with steep hills but with a field in the bottom,” he wrote. “My old boss used to keep pheasants and other birds up there. People paid him to shoot on his land. He and I were up on the side of the hill on the far edge. I remember climbing though vegetation and trees.

“Anyway I was talking to him about the pheasants and birds, and afterwards, me and another guy and his daughter were left there to finish off the work. We were left alone. I remember getting finished and hearing a wood knock about 30 yards away. I couldn’t see anything. I looked at them and they looked at each other and said nothing so we just carried on packing up. It started again louder and closer and made me jump.

“Once again they didn’t say anything. They just carried on working.

“I was kind of thinking perhaps it was a woodpecker but no.”

The group was sharing a van which was too small for the three of them, so when it was time to leave the field, the man stayed behind.

This is when he saw Bigfoot.

“I had to wait to get picked up later,” he continued. “This was the was the reason I stayed.

“I couldn’t make out where the sound was coming from. I could still see the edge of the forest where we had been before when I had heard it earlier on.

“I waited on the edge of the forest and I could hear rustling in the bushes. I looked but I couldn’t see anything and then I guess my eyes adjusted and began to focus because I saw a face.

“This face was looking back at me and there were clicks and whistles everywhere. I dunno why I still wasn’t sure what it was. I walked forward to try to have a better view. Then it stood up. I don’t know why but I just felt it was not fully grown. It was a male about six foot five inches tall. It was kind of copper colour and it looked right at me.

“It was gone in a shot as I heard my old bosses’ Land Rover returning to collect me.”

When he got into the vehicle, the witness was lost for words and remained silent.

His concerned colleague asked him what was going on.

“I was like, ‘has anyone ever said anything about a Bigfoot here?’. He eventually responded. ‘Oh yes, we call them woodwose here’, he replied, ‘just leave them be’.

“I felt that it had been watching us all the time we were out there. I wish I could explain it all more fully to you as I am sitting here remembering things about that day.

“I have heard people say you get a smell with them. I didn’t get any smell and I don’t know why.”

According to the legends, Bigfoot supposedly inhabits the forests in North America.

But the British Bigfoot Cryptid and Paranormal Research Group said that sightings of mysterious beasts and wildmen are quite common in the South West.

“There are many stories and have been many sightings over many years of mysterious beasts, big panther-like cats and monster black dogs, wildmen living in and around the South West of England,” they wrote on their Facebook page.

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