The Pentrych Incident 2016 – The Evidence

The strange night in a Welsh field involving ‘huge UFO lights, explosions and military planes

A cold winter’s night in south Wales back on February 26, 2016, was anything but ordinary in one Welsh town, some say.

In a scene worthy of an episode of the X-Files, multiple witnesses reported seeing a huge UFO and other lights – along with military planes, helicopters, a chase, explosions, shaken buildings, damaged trees and wreckage in Pentyrch.

An apache helicopter landing with its cockpit on fire, weird snow, and mystery men in white overalls were other reported sightings.

The activity was explained by the authorities as an Armed Forces exercise known as ‘Chameleon’, as was reported at the time

But many still believe it was something out of this world, claiming to have spotted unidentified lights which did not conform to the normal idea of a military aircraft.

It echoes one of the most famous alleged UFO incidents of all time at a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico, when the US military is claimed to have captured a crashed flying saucer. The military has always said it was simply a conventional weather balloon.

‘It was no exercise’

Recalling the events of that day more than two years ago, one witness, Caz Clarke said she could “categorically state it was no exercise”.

“I will take a lie detector anywhere for anyone but what I witnessed will stay with me for the rest of my life,” she said.

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