Tales Of Bigfoot In The UK – Bolam Lake Monster Northumbaland

UK Bigfoot Research Group

Bolam Lake Country Park, in the heart of rural Northumberland. The lake itself is surrounded by woodland and grassed areas, and during the day is a magnet for picnickers, anglers, hikers and bird-spotters. When the sun goes down, however, the place is quite, isolated and very, very dark.
In 2002, a group of pike anglers were in the midst of an all-night session when they were confronted by a eight foot tall biped, covered from head to toe in thick, dark hair. In common with many other such creatures, it had glowing red eyes, and bore sharp teeth. The creature was said to stomp so hard that the ground beneath it physically shook. The fisherman fled in terror.
Bolam Lake is only some twelve crow miles from Rothbury, where ancient legend tells of dark skinned cave dwelling beasts called the ‘Deugar’. The dwarfish, nocturnal Deugar would lead ramblers from the beaten path, before devouring them.

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