Have you ever visited a place that has left you feeling like you’ve just been transported back in time?, somewhere that truly has a spiritual and strong magical presence.  England is steeped in history and where ever you travel throughout the country, you will find ruined castles, burial mounds and ancient caves., but there is one place that is somehow different from all the rest…

Stonehenge in Wiltshire is said to have been built around 2500 BC with stone that was brought all the way from Pembrokeshire in Wales. No one has an exact answer to what the monument was really for, but one thing they do know from the amount of bones found there, is that it’s very much like an ancient cemetery, this would suggest that it was somewhere for funerals to be held, unless it had a much more sinister purpose, and was used for ritual sacrifices. The massive stones also line up to create a sundial effect throughout the day, and some believe it was designed as a type of early calender for the summer and winter soltice. It also sits on top of 14 ley lines connecting it with electromagnetic energy to other ancient historical sites.

I had the chance to visit many times as a child, and it was just like something out of a fairy tale to me, It felt as if dragons might suddenly appear in the sky, or if you turned around, you would see knights in their armour seated around the stones discussing important matters of war and kings, or maybe you would catch a glimpse of goblins and fairies dancing around flitting from stone to stone in the warm sunlight.

What ever happened at Stonehenge and just why it was built, we may never get to know, but it has over 4500 years worth of history stored in those great and magnificent stones and a definite magical energy present that you will not experience anywhere else.

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  1. Combo68 Combo68 says:

    I first heard of Stonehenge as a kid watching a quatermass series on TV it scared me then lol. I have never been there.

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